Monday, March 9, 2009

Customers and Friends

We're always glad when we see them coming, Big Bill in his big overalls and Patty in her smile. If you're standing next to Justin when they arrive, you'll hear her greet him with "hey good lookin', what you got cookin'?"  
Bill and Patty Austin have been doing business with Spear Auctioneers for nearly 20 years, and while they're out of town on business a lot you'll know when they're home because they'll be at every one of Spear Auctioneer's auctions, and recently they were on the selling end.
"Richard made us a lot of money, I'm tickled to death about it," Patty said.  "I'm thrilled to be able to use his resources."
Patty laughed about a yard ornament of a fish that she's "not ashamed to say" she bought at a yard sale for $20 dollars.  She said she thought she'd use it, but never did and ended up putting it in the auction as an afterthought.
"During the auction I heard people saying 'get to the fish, Richard, get to the fish!'  He ended up selling it for $185!  I was thrilled!" she said.
"I've never had anything but good dealings with Richard," Bill added.  "He's the utmost professional."
Bill and Patty are like family at Spear Auctioneers auctions and for good reason.  Patty says they try to hit every one of Richard's auctions and they'll stay all day and spend lots of money.
"That's just what we like to do," she said.
Like many people, the Austins attend auctions to get a good deal on a variety of items. They said that a lot of the things that they buy they resell and make a few bucks.  But getting a good deal is not the only thing that beings them to auctions.
"We like the whole atmosphere, everybody's in an upbeat mood, we've met lots of friends at auctions," Patty said.
Often they'll be the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave.  They know the whole crew by name and even become part of the crew offering their expertise on items like jewelry and coins and on hot days bringing water to clerks and ringmen.
When they decided to have their own auction Patty said Spear Auctioneers was the obvious choice.
I talked with her on the phone for this piece and she paused for a second, Big Bill was saying something in the background.
Finally she said "here's a quote from Big Bill: '[the auction] was all that I hoped it would be and more than I expected.'"
"We're just thrilled with our experiences with Spear Auctioneers," Patty said.
Patty, Spear Auctioneers is thrilled with you and Big Bill, and all our loyal customers and friends. 



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