Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Paul David Meimerstorf worked nights sorting mail at the post office. When he retired he had over 30 years of service to his credit.
He was a Vietnam Veteran who received an honorable discharge.
He made muscadine wine for which he won both awards and admiration.
He was an avid deer hunter and enjoyed camping, rodeos, and chuck wagon races.
He wore a pair of boots and a cowboy hat like a uniform, everyday. "He was a real cowboy," his daughter-in-law said.
To his friends he was "Paul David" and he had many.
Paul played many roles in the lives of many people but never has anyone had anything bad to say about him.  "Everyone loved him because he was so friendly," his daughter-in-law said.  "He never met a stranger, and when you met him he made you feel like you had known him for years."
Paul also had a dog.  "Little Bit" was a stray that Paul tried and tried to give away, but I guess Little Bit felt about Paul the way his human counterparts did and assumed that Paul's was his home.  Eventually Little Bit went everywhere with Paul, even riding on the back of his four-wheeler.  Little Bit grew on Paul and he finally decided that he "wouldn't give him away for $1,000."
On August 20, 2009 Paul died at the age of 59 of cancer. His doctor during the last few months of his life commented that Paul had the best attitude of any patient he'd ever seen.  In reference to his cancer Paul was heard saying, "it's no reason to get down."
His funeral had standing-room only and on his casket with the flowers was his favorite cowboy hat.
Over the years he amassed an estate reminiscent of the life he lived - boats, cars, tools, grills, hunting gear, and machinery - a life that was dedicated to the company of friends and the enjoyment of the simple things.
On October 3, 2009 his estate will be sold by auction at 10 am, and maybe Little Bit will be there too.

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