Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need for Speed

Don Gray lives life in the fast lane - literally.  He's been racing cars since he was in the 9th grade.
"I started with a Mustang, then went to the Camaro, which I would drive to work during the week and take to the track on the weekends to race," Gray said.  "I also got into the Nova, which was an eight-second car, and went from that to the '79 Firebird."
A veteran of the airplane business, he has built his life around speed.
"I just love the thrill of going fast," he said.  
During the week he works on his cars and perfects the mechanics and paint, on weekends he said that he goes out to Centerville to the track.
"You don't win a lot of money, you just go and spend money and have fun," he laughed.
Gray is selling some of his cars by auction on September, 12th.  Pictured in the auction flyer is the '79 Firebird, and something called a "Funny Car."  Those of you who are car aficionados like Gray probably know what that is, others, like me may not.  While it may look funny, the engineering and resulting speed are nothing to laugh about, I'm told.  In addition to the cars there is all kinds of machinery and tools for the car, or airplane, enthusiast.  The buyers at this auction will not be disappointed.
"The cars I've built, I've built them right," Gray said.  "I put the best of everything in them, they're the best there are and people who come will see that, they'll know they were built and painted right."
If you're looking to buy a race car, or some tools and equipment, or have a serious conversation about an interesting hobby this auction is drawing like-minded people from miles around.   

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